How To: UCS Director 5.4 Patch 1 update

After the recent upgrade to 5.4 I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to 5.4.1. Go to the download software portal for Cisco. Download the patch file. I had a number of issue with the download as the checksum didn’t match. I had to take a number of attempts to get the file in-tact. I believe the issue was the ISA that acts as our internet proxy. Death to the ISA!!!!

Once the file has been downloaded copy it to your FTP server. Now it’s time to apply the patch. log onto UCS Director via either the console or SSH using the shelladmin account. Select option 3 to stop all the services.



Apply the patch using option 19. When prompted to stop the services click Y. They are already stopped so that will just continue. It also prompts to take a database backup. As I run weekly backups I was happy not to take a backup of the database for this upgrade. The patch then needs to be captured from the FTP server in the format of: ftp://<username>:<password>@<ftp_server_IP>/<files_location_or_name>.


This will begin the upgrade process. The patch itself is 1.4GB in size and it doesn’t take long to apply the patch. I didn’t time it but it was under 10 minutes.



When the patch has installed press return to continue. At this point select option 21 to reboot the appliance.


On boot up you’ll now noticed that the version is now


And that’s the patch upgrade completed. It’s pretty straightforward.

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